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Banjo's NWFA 2019 Roster
Round 1
Saturday – 30 March

Forth v Wesley Vale

Motton Preston v East Ulverstone

Sheffield v West Ulverstone

Turners Beach v Rosebery-Toorak

bye Spreyton

Round 5
Saturday – 4 May

Sheffield v Forth

Turners Beach v Spreyton

West Ulverstone v East Ulverstone

Rosebery-Toorak v Wesley Vale

bye Motton Preston

Round 9
Saturday – 1 June

East Ulverstone v Forth

Spreyton v Wesley Vale

West Ulverstone v Motton Preston

Sheffield v Rosebery-Toorak

bye Turners Beach

Round 13
Saturday – 6 July

Motton Preston v Forth

Sheffield v Spreyton

Rosebery-Toorak v East Ulverstone

Turners Beach v Wesley Vale

bye West Ulverstone

Round 17
Saturday – 3 August

East Ulverstone v Wesley Vale

Turners Beach v Motton Preston

Rosebery-Toorak v Forth

West Ulverstone v Spreyton

bye Sheffield

Round 2
Saturday/Sunday – 6/7 April

Spreyton v Forth

East Ulverstone v Sheffield

West Ulverstone v Turners Beach

​Wesley Vale v Motton Preston

bye Rosebery-Toorak

Round 6
Saturday – 11 May

Motton Preston v Sheffield

Wesley Vale v West Ulverstone

Spreyton v Rosebery-Toorak

Forth v Turners Beach

bye East Ulverstone

Round 10
Saturday – 15 June

Wesley Vale v Forth

East Ulverstone v Motton Preston

West Ulverstone v Sheffield

Rosebery-Toorak v Turners Beach

bye Spreyton

Round 14
Saturday – 13 July

Forth v Sheffield

Spreyton v Turners Beach

East Ulverstone v West Ulverstone

Wesley Vale v Rosebery-Toorak

bye Motton Preston

Round 18
Saturday – 10 August

Forth v East Ulverstone

Wesley Vale v Spreyton

Motton Preston v West Ulverstone

Rosebery-Toorak v Sheffield

bye Turners Beach

Round 3
Saturday – 13 April

Motton Preston v Spreyton

Sheffield v Wesley Vale

Turners Beach v East Ulverstone

Rosebery-Toorak v West Ulverstone

bye Forth

Round 7
Saturday – 18 May

East Ulverstone v Spreyton

West Ulverstone v Forth

Rosebery-Toorak v Motton Preston

Turners Beach v Sheffield

bye Wesley Vale

Round 11
Saturday – 22 June

Motton Preston v Wesley Vale

Forth v Spreyton

Sheffield v East Ulverstone

Turners Beach v West Ulverstone

bye Rosebery-Toorak

Round 15
Saturday – 20 July

Sheffield v Motton Preston

West Ulverstone v Wesley Vale

Rosebery-Toorak v Spreyton

Turners Beach v Forth

bye East Ulverstone

Round 4
Saturday – 27 April

Forth v Motton Preston

Spreyton v Sheffield

East Ulverstone v Rosebery-Toorak

Wesley Vale v Turners Beach

bye West Ulverstone

Round 8
Saturday – 25 May

Wesley Vale v East Ulverstone

Motton Preston v Turners Beach

Forth v Rosebery-Toorak

Spreyton v West Ulverstone

bye Sheffield

Round 12
Saturday – 29 June

Spreyton v Motton Preston

Wesley Vale v Sheffield

East Ulverstone v Turners Beach

West Ulverstone v Rosebery-Toorak

bye Forth

Round 16
Saturday – 27 July

Spreytton v East Ulverstone

Forth v West Ulverstone

Motton Preston v Rosebery-Toorak

Sheffield v Turners Beach

bye Wesley Vale


All finals will be played at Maidstone Park
and the grand final will be played at

Saturday – 17 August Qualifying Final

Sunday – 18 August Elimination Final

Saturday – 24 August 2nd Semi – Final

Sunday – 25 August 1st Semi – Final

Saturday – 31 August Preliminary Final

Saturday – 7 September Grand Final