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24 December 2014

NWFA Roster 2015

Football action in the NWFA next year will start on Saturday, 28 March, which is not only a week before
Easter, but also the start of the revamped North Western Football League (Tasmania), then conclude
with the grand final on Saturday, 5 September .

After the Easter break the roster will continue to the June long weekend when the annual NWFA v Darwin
FA respresentative matches are expected to bring about another break in the roster.

In keeping with previous years the NWFA will be seeking expressions of interest from selected clubs to
play Sunday matches early in the season as a promotional exercise, but will be avoiding any clashes with
the NWFL.

The NWFA subcommittee has had some initial discussions on the format of the 2015 roster, with Sheffield 
having the bye in the first round and Spreyton the last round bye, however, a completed draft roster is
awaiting the finalisation of the NWFL roster with regards to Sunday and night matches.

NWFL executive officer Mrs. Vicki Slater said the league is consulting with the clubs to finalise its roster as
soon as possible, with consideration being given to Sunday football and the availability of lighting for night
games at several grounds, which now includes Devonport and Burnie.    

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